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Name: Amy Birnbaum

Occupation: Voice Actress

YGO Voice(s): Tea Gardner, Bones


I had the honor of meeting Miss Birnbaum in June. She was signing autographs at the local dentist office and my friend, Ryo-ohki and myself, went to go meet her.

She is easily a likable person. Her personality was sweet and funny, and reminded me of Tea herself. During the time, she signed Duel Monster cards for the kids and even said quotes from the show! 

While I was there, I had managed to get four cards signed by her: two for my friends (Mia and Kay), who couldn't come, one for an upcoming contest as a prize and my Magician of Faith. Here's the signed card:

(As you can see...that card as been through a lot. ^^;;; It's one of my older cards...)

As an added bonus, she kept my Chibi Anzu sketch! I was so happy!!! I even gave her my business card that has a link to this site. So hopefully she'll be visiting it!

And for more amusement, I had also gotten a couple of photos and an interview to share with you all!


Damn...I look really drunk...*sweatdrops* I swear I wasn't! Just lack of sleep!

The one the middle is Ryo-ohki. *sniffles* She moved away to California though...and that's a drawing she did that Miss Birnbaum signed. (And yes, I'm the dork doing the peace-sign. XP)


Well, during the interview, I was shocked to find out that she not only did Tea's voice, but also Bones! Next time you watch those episodes or see Bones in the future BC episodes coming up (Yes, Bones will be in BC), listen VERY carefully...you'll notice a slight similarity between their voices. (Okay, so I have Voice Data Base in my mind. I can't help my ability to compare voices!!!)



Mae: Can you relate to your character?

Amy: Yeah, I have close friends who I rely on and who rely on me. That she's supportive and I'm supportive of my friends and family.

Mae: Whose your favorite character?

Amy: Mai because gets to kick some butt and she gets to duel! She's a lovable, mean character.

Mae: Do you have any advice for future voice actors?

Amy: To just trust in your talent; there's a lot of actors and competition. Just keep at it and do your best.

Mae: If you could pair Tea with anyone, who would it be?

Amy: I'd have to say...Kaiba.

Mae: And finally, is this person interviewing you, annoying you?

Amy: *laughing* Not at all!


Short, yes...but still! :P


In all, my experience in meeting Miss Birnbaum was fantastic. ^^ I had a great time. 

My next goal? Meeting Pegasus' voice actor! XP Man, I would love to meet the guy...but I doubt I ever will...*sigh*






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